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About Us

Almaha Production

Al-Maha is a media production company specializing in purposeful dramatic production that employs the latest state-of-the-art technology in the eld of motion picture industry. Through raising historical and issues related to various segments of society, Al-Maha seeks to make its name attached in the minds of its audience to dramatic works that are highly popular and successful.

The echo of Al-Maha Media Company and its productions has been widespread through the media, having been reviewed, analyzed, presented, discussed and/or criticized in more than a hundred newspaper articles, television programs and reports.

The impact of the company’s works on the Arab audience reached its peak thanks to the highest views of many of its productions, including the Al-Hassan and Al-Hussain TV series, and The Imam series also won the Arab Radio and TV Festival's Best Historical Series Award the Best Scenic Design Award, and the Best Costumes Award.

Using the latest state-of-the-art cinematographic technology, the company completed in 2021 its largest production, Fatih Al-Andalus (Tariq Bin Zeyad). 

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  • Best Documentary Award (Mohammed Bin Abdulwahab) Voya Festival

  • Best Documentary Award (Rahma) Voya Festival              

  • Best Historical Series Award (Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal) Arab Festival of Radio and Television - Tunisia

  • Best Decoration Award (Series of Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal) Arab Festival of Radio and Television - Tunisia

  • Best Costumes Award (Imam Ahmad Bin Hanbal Series) Arab Festival of Radio and Television - Tunisia

  • Best Historical Work Award for the series Khalid bin Al-Waleed Arab Satellite Channels Festival 2012

  • Best Production Company Award for Historical Works - Arab Satellite Channels Festival 2012

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