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Fateh Al Andalous

Series  |   Arabic  Language

A historical series that tells one of the stories of the Islamic conquests of which the Arabs are proud, and the lessons it offers in courage, sacrifice, faith and sincerity.

The series begins with scenes from the training of the conquerors in martial arts, physical skills, fighting spirit, and collective cooperation trained by their sheik Abu Baseer, who was one of the soldiers of Uqba bin Nafie and fought with him in his battles in the conquest of Africa..

Then we move on to the Muslims entering the city of Tangier on the day it was conquered in the year 89 AH, under the leadership of Prince Musa bin Naseer and Tariq bin Ziyad and a group of leaders and conquerors, and Musa addresses the people that they have brought goodness, safety, justice and mercy, and he will deliver every citizen over his property and practice his religion as he wants. markets, and to get closer to the people and the people, so that they can feel the sincerity of the Muslims in what they came.

The series is full of various dramatic lines and axes that move the events, and the characters who manage and lead situations.. The series presents a set of messages on the concept of Islamic conquests and the positions of true Muslims in love, tolerance and justice.
By linking the events with a solid technical scenario that moves between calm and revolution in a way of suspense and advanced visual pleasure.

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